You won’t regret choosing me to write your copy – here’s why…

The great thing when you use Salt Seas Communications is that you will always get me and not a junior writer in the back office.

It will be me who answers the phone and when you hire me I will be writing every word of your copy myself. That’s because I never accept a project unless I can give it my full attention.

This means you are assured of copy from an award-winning writer with over 15 years’ experience of writing copy that works.

So, if you want a copywriter who:

  • Has a great track record of writing direct response copy in digital and print formats
  • Understands the science behind what makes good copy – and what doesn’t
  • Gets over 75% of business through word of mouth

Then call me today on 01872 211 355 or email and let’s get to work…


Profile picture of Nell Green copywriterWhat you won’t see written on this page is anything about having a passion for words or a degree in English Literature. In fact, you won’t see any of the usual things copywriters say in their biographies. Why is that? Well because all successful copywriters know words are the tools we use, but selling is our real art. As one of the greats of copywriting, John E. Kennedy once said, copywriting is really “salesmanship in print”. These days it’s not just print of course, but the principle remains the same.

I’ve written articles for media as diverse as The Guardian and Farmers Weekly, but more importantly I have studied the psychology of selling. It’s what lets me write persuasive copy that makes people do what you want them to do. I’ve also learnt copywriting from the greats; copy based on proven methods. Methods that have been tested over many years. It doesn’t mean that what I write for you isn’t unique; it just means it’s more likely to work than someone writing copy based on untested creative writing, alone.

Where are you based?

I work from my home-based office. This lets me devote all my time to writing your copy and means you don’t get billed for the usual office overheads associated with agencies.

The latest technology means I’m available when my clients need me and lets me work with them whether they are based in the UK or beyond.

Some of my clients prefer face to face meetings, others like to handle everything on-line. Whatever your preferred method of working the outcome is the same – results when you need them.

Call 01872 211 355  or email