Get a second opinion on your marketing copy

Do you have you an advertising campaign that isn’t working?

Is your website failing to bring in those sales?

Sometimes the obvious just isn’t when we are so close to our work. That’s why from time to time it pays to get a second opinion before spending more time and money.

It may only be a small change that’s needed. Sometimes a single word can double or triple a product’s sales. So why not get a second opinion from a fresh pair of expert eyes. You might be surprised at the difference it can make.

 Lady detective with magnifierWhat happened when the artist Dawn Ford asked me to check her website

Dawn invested a lot of money in a new website for her business. The site looked good. It was smart. It had all the latest technology. But – it hadn’t generated any sales enquiries. Dawn asked me to review her site and see where the problem was.

On the advice of her web designer Dawn’s site focused on her as the artist rather than concentrating on her customers. Web designers can make a site look nice and work properly, but it’s the words that sell the product.

I recommended we switch the focus back to Dawn’s customers offering them compelling reasons to buy right from page one. Changing the order of the site’s pages also helped those customers make purchases more easily. Dawn’s site is now working well for her and her fantastic products are getting the recognition they deserve.

“Wow you’ve been thorough, you must have spent hours reviewing this. I am very grateful for all the pointers that I hadn’t thought of…” D. Ford, TLC Buddy

Would you like to double-check you’ve not missed anything?

Want to check you are on the right track before you spend any more on a campaign?

Give me a call today to discuss your campaign’s aims and objectives. This is free. I just want to know if I can help you or not.

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